Precise digital detectors for gas leakages, carbon monoxide and pipe tests

DM 9600

Precision manometer for accurate pressure-, differential pressure and temperature measurements

Available for different pressure ranges:

  • +/-75 mbar
  • +/-150 mbar
  • +/-350 mbar
  • +/-1000 mbar
  • +/- 7000 mbar


  • Measuring range either ±75hPa, ±150hPa, ±350hPa, ±1.000hPa or even ±7000 hPa (±7bar)
  • Suitable for measuring gas flow pressure nozzle pressure, furnace pressure, stack draught and many more
  • Temperature measurements using standard K-type thermocouple
  • With optional HC probe usable also as gas "sniffer“
  • Touch color display for intuitive operation and best readability

*Accessories: The case is not included in the set


User manual