Systems for continuous emission- or process gas monitoring as well as combustion optimization

OMS 420

Compact in-situ probe for combustion optimization. Compact in-situ probe,using heated ZrO2 sensor for wet O2 analysis up to 600°C flue gas temperature, as well as, with optional special heated solid electrolyte sensor for combustibles measurement.


  • Compact probe with flow guidance (hollow) tube, with or without back-purge for flue gas temperature up to 600°C
  • For high temperature application up to 1.000 °C or respectively 1700°C, see models OMS420RT and OMS420HT
  • 4"ANSI 150lbs or DN65 PN6 flange with Ø 60mm probe tube and different lengths
  • Reference air inlet through natural diffusion, no air pump is required
  • Rugged industrial plug for power supply and data transfer (2x analog 4-20 mA galvanic isolated, digital RS 485 with Modbus RTU protocol)

Available OPTIONS like:

  • COe- combustibles gas measurement
  • Back-purge using compressed air, with solenoid valve control by means of transmitter electronics, incl. adjustable purging intervals (recommended for high dust sites)

TOM 420 R

Low cost probe with heated ZrO2 sensor, for dusty or clean combustion, using the flow guidance (hollow) tube, with or without back-purge and various lengths.


  • Field replaceable O2-transmitter TOM420R
  • Stainless steel flange DN65 (DN80 or ANSI 150 or others on request) with 250 mm or longer sampling tube



Low cost, non complying stationary analyser for continuous emission monitoring and combustion checking. Designed for the use in the harh industrial environment of different combustion sites where flue gas emissions must be continuously monitored:(Small power plants, small gas turbines, Cogeneration heat and power engines (CHP), Waste incinerators, ovens and kilns, Industrial heaters and dryers, Food industry steam boilers, Bio-methane and methane boilers, Ethanol and palm oil plants). 


  • Field replaceable, plug&play pre-calibrated sensors
  • Very compact industrial design, for up to 6 gas simultaneous measurement
  • Use of low cost but reliable electrochemical cells for O2, CO, NO, NO2, SO2 and an infrared module (NDIR) for CO2 measurement
  • Advanced sample gas preparation for fast and reliable measurements
  • Flexible platform can be used for various combustion applications
  • Direct and continuous / discontinuous measurement, with pressure and temperature
  • Compensation of all main flue gas parameters
  • External measurements (temperature, pressure, etc) by reading of ext. standard signal
  • Analyser system can be configured with different gas sampling probes and sampling lines to optimize the sample gas preparation (Option)
  • Simple installation, ready to run delivery and easy to maintain

SWG 200

Low cost, extractive cold and dry, continuous process gas, single- or multi-gas analyzer. Using electrochemical cells, infrared (NDIR) technique and thermal capacity detector, the system is highly customized for many applications.



  • Unit in lockable 19" steel enclosure, different size for customized instruments
  • Main control unit with back-lit, graphic type LCD and keypad
  • Complete sample conditioning system with electrical gas cooler, automatic condensate draining pump, sample filtration etc.
  • Solenoid valve for automatic zeroing and calibration (optional time sharing technique for up to 3 sampling points switching)
  • Internal sample flow monitoring, 30 … 50 l/h, with alarm on display and alarm relays
  • 8 channel, user free configurable analog output 4 … 20 mA, RS 485 digital (modbus RTU)

SWG 300

CEMS based on cold and dry extractive technology, using complete gas sample conditioning system (heated probe filter, heated sampling line, gas cooler etc.) and NDIR or GFCIR measurement for up to 6 flue gas components (O2, CO, CO2 , NO, SO2, HC). Also suitable for installations in hazardous area zone 2 (class 1, div 2), with manufacturer declaration.



  • Standardized 19" racks are mounted in a steel metal enclosure with fixing eyelets for wall mounting
  • Complete gas conditioning using electrical gas cooler with automatic condensate draining pump, with high-grade sample gas filtration for separation of water, tar and dirt
  • Sample flow monitoring and alarm, with auto-zero and auto-span calibration
  • RS 485 for data communication and 8 channel, user free configurable analog outputs 4 ... 20 mA, self powered
  • Air conditioned weather proof enclosure (for outdoor mounting)