Low cost, continuous dust monitoring system for non compliant applications

DM 401

Low cost double pass transmissiometry for process dust monitoring.


  • Transceiver and retroreflector, double path transmissiometry with microprocessor technology
  • Continuous air purging required to protect optics from stack dust
  • Small, light weight low power supply and operating costs
  • Opacity or mg/m³ (after on site calibration)
  • Long-life green LED source
  • No moving parts – minimal maintenance
  • Simple installation, commissioning and operation
  • High measuring accuracy
  • PC based setup, control and data logging


Particulate matter measurement FSM

Measurement of particulate matter - The 3-components-system:

    SPECTRAplus or OPTIMA7 - the control unit for all processes

    FSM case - the robust module for the dust collecting process on site

    FSM scale - the ultra precise weighing- and drying module

The 3-component-system consists of:

  1. Measuring- and control unit SPECTRAplus or OPTIMA7. Controls all processes of dust collecting, weighing and drying and supplies additionally needed flue gas values
  2. Dust collecting module "FSM Case". Robust and compact module used to load special filter elements with dust
  3. Weighing- and drying module "FSM Scale". Drys and weighs simultaneously and transmits the results to the control unit

Please also watch our short video on MRU youtube - channel about the FSM - system!